Rumor: BMW-Toyota settle on hybrid supercar

The rumormill is hard at work again and churns out some news on the old-rumored BMW-Toyota joint project.

First rumors mentioned a possible successor to the popular Supra model then MotorTrend mentioned a stand-alone coupe that will be positioned differently than the Z4 or even the i8 hybrids sportscar.

But the folks over at Motoring Australia say that the jointly-produced car will not be a successor to the Toyota 86, but rather a high-performance sports car with lightweight materials and a hybrid drivetrain.

Rumor: BMW Toyota settle on hybrid supercar

This new two-door flagship will pick up where the Lexus LFA left off and will comprise of a hybrid package with the latest material technology. Their sources say that a BMW i8 was spotted at the Toyota’s proving ground near Mt Fuji and that in addition to emissions trials, Toyota is conducting durability testing of the i8′s carbon-fiber frame in relation to the pair’s jointly developed sports car.


Toyota will supply its hybrid technology while BMW might bring to the table the  M5′s 560 horsepower 4.4-liter turbo V8 develops the same amount of power as the LFA’s 4.8-litre V10 while consuming far less fuel and emitting less CO2. Toyota also has carbon-fiber expertise from its LFA project, while BMW has perfected carbon-fiber reinforced plastic production on a mass scale.

It remains to be seen what the final product will look like, but maybe this is the BMW supercar everyone has been waiting for. With a Japanese twist.



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